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2015 Speakers included:

Dr. Kai Brune
Development Engineer, Development Electric Motor
Dr. -Ing. Robert Inderka
Manager Advanced Development E-Motor System
Daimler AG

The only international event focusing exclusively on all aspects of e-motor technologies

The belief is growing amongst politicians, society and industry that the era of regular combustion vehicles will sooner or later come to an end. Mobility is increasing at the same time as pressure from government bodies, environmental groups and consumers to reduce CO2 levels continues to rise. Electric vehicles meet many of the future demands being faced by the automotive industry.

The current challenge for e-motors is to develop light, small and powerful versions in order to make them feasible for the mass market. Here we encounter the catch 22: Only mass production will lower the costs encountered, but currently EVs are too expensive to create a mass market. The driving question remains: How can we produce high-quality, cost effective e-motors without reaching high volumes?

With the aim of addressing this question, as well as many others, we propose to bring the industry together to discuss the following:

  • What are the global market trends of e-motors as well as how current and future EU legislation is affecting the EV and HEV industry
  • How to incorporate the latest e-motor materials to reduce costs and free yourself from rare-earth magnet dependence
  • How to capitalize on innovative e-motor design, including how to most effectively benefit from the move towards 48V systems
  • How modularised design and an automated assembly process can reduce manufacturing costs and optimize the production process
  • How case study insights from leading OEMs such as AUDI AG, Daimler AG and Volvo Group Trucks Technology can benefit your work

This conference will bring together experts from along the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange on the hottest topics e-motor experts face today.

We look forward to meeting you in February 2016!

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